Heritage – Pony Brown

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6″ padded collar, all-purpose, insulated, waterproof boot.


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Product Description

Great all around boots for Work, Hunt, Farm, Field, Casual

Durable yet elegant, exceptional abrasion resistant, lauded for its all around comfort and visual appeal. Extreme durability and body flexing performance. Knitted two  layer climate control performance.

Leather Padded Collar – Made from the finest garment leather and polyurethane open-celled foam for comfort and durability.

Poly Urethane Direct Attached Sole – Non-marking, slip resistant, Made in USA, Dual density polyurethane injected Outsole. Super cushion Polyurethane removable insert.

  • Pony Brown full grain, silicon impregnated , waterproof leather
  • Leather Padded Collar – Made from premium garment leather and polyurethane open-celled foam for comfort and durability.
  • 200 Grams Thinsulate Insulation (Active, moderate to cool weather package)
  • AFI QuadDryZ Waterproof Seam Sealing Construction
  • Black Hexagon Eyelets
  • Black Speed Hooks
  • Made in USA

14 reviews for Heritage – Pony Brown

  1. Lou Harmon
    5 out of 5


    I purchased a pair of the 6″ Heritage Pony Brown shoes in 2009. Ten years later the boots are worn out. I am an active hiker, and work outdoors frequently as an engineer and land surveyor. Best most comfortable work/hiking boots I have ever owned in my 70+ years. Just now ordering a new pair. They will probably outlast me. Just saying.

  2. Tayler
    5 out of 5


    I’ve had these for about a year now and they show zero signs of wear. I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to most things – especially when it comes to boots, because I’ve been burned by other companies before. I wanted to know my hard earned money was going towards something I could depend on. Not only that, I want the company I buy them from to have good customer service – not over the top, just be reasonable (seems hard to come by these days).

    I don’t have even a single complaint about them – literally every aspect is perfect. Very comfortable out of the box. Every now and then I lather on some conditioner to keep the leather in good shape. Totally waterproof – tested in the heavy rain and snow of Ohio. On that note, the default amount of insulation they come with is perfect for Ohio temps. My feet stay warm in the winter and no excessive sweating in the summer.

    I had a lengthy conversation with the one of the owners, Mike, to address all of my concerns before I committed. He is one of the nicest guys and really knows his stuff – actually gained a good amount of boot knowledge in the process. I hands down recommend this company and their boots and commend them for being one of the few left that still know what it means to be true American made. You have my business for life and I will be recommending you to anyone I know needs a new pair.

  3. Fred Zaugg
    5 out of 5


    I am buying my 2nd pair of these boots. I still have my first pair that I bought close to 6 years ago. Very comfortable, the soles are still in excellent shape. Tho I keep them polished, the tops have some cuts in the leather due to hard work conditions. I love these boot and wear them for work and for recreation (my kids call them dad’s sneakers). Great boots.

  4. Craig
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Love these boots! I’ve had mine for three years and they’re still in great shape! I came back to buy the Freedom boots for a different purpose than my Heritage boots, so I thought I would leave a review.

    Quality leather. Quality soles. Quality stitching. Quality workmanship. Made in the USA. Tough and comfortable. Waterproof. And the price is great for an American made boot. What more can you ask for? Buy these boots! You won’t regret it. I just use some Obenauf’s leather protectant on them every once in a while and it’s kept the leather soft, pliable, and waterproof. Take care of your AF Boots and they’ll take care of you!

  5. Oak Smith
    5 out of 5


    Just received my new boots. Thanks yet again for as fine a pair of boots as a man could want. This is my 4th pair. I have yet to wear a pair of your boots out but like to get a new pair every two/three years whether I need them or not. I have had 2 pairs of the freedom pony and two pairs of the heritage pony. I noticed this time that the sole has changed. A different pattern from my other three so we’ll see if this one wears like the others. When I say I have never worn out a pair I am talking about wearing the boots at least 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This is not an exaggeration just a fact. They are so darn comfortable that whenever I try to wear a lighter “shoe” I find myself uncomfortable and moving back into my boots. So this new pair I am keeping for my Sunday going out boots. Folks probably will not believe this but I haven’t even worn out the laces. Though I did notice this time you included a set of softer laces along with the wear like iron laces. I will go with the wear like iron laces as that is what the other pairs have. I hope you have a great year guys and thanks to all of you master boot makers. I really appreciate your work!

  6. Ken leach
    5 out of 5


    2 years ago I bought a pair of 6 inch battalions. I’m still wearing them every day of the week and love them. still look good and feel good. I’m back to buy another pair. I don’t think I will ever buy another pair of boots anywhere else.

  7. craig scott
    5 out of 5


    6″Pony boots. Purchased over four years ago and they have been great!!! Nice job allegiance. Am ordering another pair soon. (To take me to my retirement date). Proud to wear a product made in the USA.

  8. Lou H.
    5 out of 5


    I have had a pair for 5 years of hard use. The only noticeable wear has been to the sole. I walk a lot of miles and over-pronate. A little shoe-goo once a year prevents the wear from going too deep on the outside of the heels. Overall more durable than any boots the Army or Air Force ever issued me (22 years of service)

  9. Jonathan
    5 out of 5


    I bought these boots well over a year ago. I waited this long to post a comment because even poor quality boots are great for the first couple weeks. I have worn these boots 4 to 5 days a week for almost a year and a half and have had nothing but good things to say about them. They are incredibly comfortable and durable. I normally buy inserts for boots and replace the stock ones that come in them, but I did not have to do that with these. I wear them as work boots and can clean them up in a few minutes and wear them out for the evening. I tell everyone about them because they are the same quality and half the price as those boots named after the hockey team. But most importantly, they are made in the United States of America. I’m glad that still means something.

  10. James B
    5 out of 5


    Just recieved the boots. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Walked a mile in some wet grass and my feet are perfectly dry.

  11. Mike S
    5 out of 5


    I purchased the Heritage Pony boots about eighteen months ago and have worn them almost every weekday since.
    The boots were comfortable from the fist day and show no wear even to this day.
    They are an exceptional value that cost half of what “comparable” boots cost

  12. Bill D
    5 out of 5


    About three years ago, I purchased a pair of 6-inch work boots from the factory outside Mountain City, TN. All I can say is that they are the best boots I have owned! Within the last two weeks, they have been hiking up a mountain creek (in the stream; because that was the only way to go), hiking about 10 miles in the mountains up to an old fire tower and about a week later, in Indiana with a -40 wind chill and real temp about -18 degrees. I was told by the owner that these were not hiking boots; but, they sure work well. My feet were dry the entire time. Despite the fact that they are not insulated, my feet were also perfectly comfortable. For a work boot they are also the lightest and most comfortable pair I have ever owned. While I was in the creek any number of people asked me who made the boots they were very impressed to say the least! Hopefully, AF will see them as customers in the near future.

    If you want a kick, visit the factory (call way ahead to make sure they are there that day). When I was at the factory, the owner offered to let me put on a pair of their boots and stand in the stream out back. THAT IS PRIDE OF CRAFTSMANSHIP! He also introduced me to his workers. Reallly I’m nobody, just a guy buying one pair of boots.

    My only complaint, my wife really wants a pair; and AFBOOTS doesn’t make them quite small enough.

  13. Eddie Hutchison
    5 out of 5


    I love my 6 inch pony browns. I got them in May, 2008, took them straight to the field. Dad and I were putting up a fence. The fence is still up and my feet stayed dry that morning in the early dew. Now 5 years later still wearing the same boots and still no leaks around the seams, just wish I could keep the water from coming in over the top sometimes. I will buy another pair when these wear out. The only problem I have found is my wife makes me take them off when I crawl in bed.

  14. George K
    5 out of 5


    A year or so ago I ordered a pair of your 6″ insulated work boots… All I can say is that these are the best pair of footwear I have ever owned. I wore them to work (I am a factory worker and on my feet all day) every day from 6:00 AM till I was home and they stayed on until I shower then bed. I wear them to shovel snow ( I just came in from shoveling another northeast storm) and my feet are completely dry. These boots feel as if the just came out of the box! Thanks for making a great product right here in the USA. That’s the reason I bought them from you and very glad I did!

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