Freedom – Pony Brown

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8″ all-purpose, insulated, waterproof boot.


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Product Description

Great all around boots for Work, Hunt, Farm, Field, Casual

Durable yet elegant, exceptional abrasion resistant, lauded for its all around comfort and visual appeal. Extreme durability and body flexing performance. Knitted two  layer climate control performance.

Poly Urethane Direct Attached Sole – Non-marking, slip resistant, Made in USA, Dual density polyurethane injected Outsole. Super cushion Polyurethane removable insert.

  • Pony Brown full grain, silicon impregnated, waterproof leather
  • Premium Dri-Lex® Starlight Linings – Premium knitted two layer climate control performance linings
  • 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation (active, cool to cold weather package)
  • AFI QuadDryZ Waterproof Seam Sealing Construction
  • Black hexagon eyelets
  • Made in USA

9 reviews for Freedom – Pony Brown

  1. matt
    5 out of 5


    these are the most comfortable boots i have ever owned,i wear them around the farm,i wear them hunting, i can not wear them out and made in the USA

  2. Eli
    5 out of 5


    These are very solid boots. I am an HVAC tech, electrician and plumber and these boots are still water resistant after some serious under house crawling and wet mechanical room work. going on 2 years now as my main boot and still comfortable. Worn for sure but serviceable. just ordered another pair for hunting in Idaho this year.

  3. Steve
    5 out of 5


    Bought the Freedom Pony midway through the winter and only wish I had ordered them sooner. Light, comfortable, warm, durable, dry feet, no break in period, and of course made in the U.S.A.
    Starting to warm up here in Minnesota so I’ll have to switch to my 6″ Liberty’s.

  4. Matthew
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’ve had my Freedom boots for about 9 months. I’ve worn them in some heavy snows (for North Carolina, at least) to shovel and work outside and had no problem with cold toes or traction. The stitching is superb (four rows) and the comfort is unmatched in any boots I’ve worn previously. Done a lot of land clearing and wood cutting this summer with them and have never once regretted my purchase I’ve even worn these boots on a night out in Manhattan and received compliments! I never fail to tell anyone asking that these boots are made in Tennessee and am an unpaid spokesperson for AF Boots! Nothing like owning an American made pair of boots that will last for years. It’s up to us to support companies that still make things in our country…

  5. Johnny Knox
    5 out of 5


    I’ve been wearing these pretty heavily for about a year now. I wore them when I was working 9-13 hours standing on my feet and was always comfortable. I’m at school in Virginia Tech were it can get pretty cold especially for a Georgia boy and these guys kept my toes very warm. I even took them mountain climbing in Montana once and they held up well. Although I wouldn’t suggest using them for much sport/ hiking/ climbing use. They got pretty scuffed up and my toes were a little sore because these boots aren’t designed for real climbing. My only complaint is that after a year one of the shoelaces is starting to tear and I’ll need to replace them. Great Boots!

  6. Eric
    5 out of 5


    I’ve had my AF 8″ Freedom Boots for several years and they are standing up well. I live in NH and use my boots primarily as snow boots and they are great — lightweight, and tough. I was thinking about them while trudging behind my snow-blower last evening after work. My driveway is 100 feet and double wide with a turnout. We got about a foot of snow so I was out there for over an hour. It was just above zero F and my feet stayed warm and dry the whole time. I wish you made a work shoe.

  7. Oak
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Today I ordered my third pair of these boots. First pair I ordered 6-7 years ago. I still wear them 3x per week! 2nd pair I ordered 4 years ago, I wear them for my “good” boots. Soles are in great shape, stiching, leather, all wearing like iron. Only ordered the new pair because I like these boots so much I want to support the makers. Well crafted, fit great right out of the box, will out last any 6 pairs of chinese boots you buy no matter what the price, and made in U.S.A., so what’s not to like? Absolutely the best footwear I have ever bought. Thank You! 5 Stars.

  8. Gary A
    5 out of 5


    After a week hunting in my home state (Colorado) and the Rocky Mountains with temperatures of -10 to a muddy +40 I’m truly impressed with the boots. With the 400 thinsulate my feet had no temperature concerns. I thought I’d have problems with what I conceived as lack of an aggressive tread but I was wrong from 9000 to 12000 feet I climbed through 12″ of snow to 6″ of mud without falling and busting my A__. With my high instep I would like to see a back tab to pull the boot on after putting on cold socks in the morning. Great boot with a great future!

  9. Joe
    5 out of 5


    Great boots!

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